Adding virtual to enhance your group exercise offer insight

Adding virtual to enhance your group exercise offer

Adding virtual to enhance your group exercise offer

Introducing virtual offers gym users choice and convenience in keeping fit – and can boost your class attendance.

Diversify and optimise your class offer with virtual classes

At FitboxVirtual®, we believe virtual Is a real breakthrough in group exercise classes. Using the finest instructors, brilliant graphics, pumping music and content tailored to suit your audience, you can increase attendance and retention by offering variety, convenience and flexibility.
We’ve put together examples to show how virtual gym classes can benefit three typical target audiences.

A super-fit triathlete training towards a big event

Committed athletes can complement their core training with virtual group exercise classes to vary their approach. Broga is excellent for allowing muscles a chance to rejuvenate, and can help in all sorts of ways that a cardio workout can’t. Or choose SUF Cycle, which allows you to do a three-hour endurance cycle ride in under 45 minutes. Ideal for producing excellent results created with the hardcore fitness enthusiast in mind.

A travelling salesperson trying to attend group exercise classes while on the road

If you travel, you know the score: by the time the meetings are over and you’re back at your hotel, exercise classes are over and you’ve lost your mojo.

If the hotel gym runs virtual GroupEx classes in the evening or early in the morning, guests can schedule in a GymRa workout with a world-class instructor at a time that suits them – and make your hotel their destination of choice next time they travel.

A middle-aged parent juggling work and fitness with school pick-ups

When current live class times don’t sit well with busy parents’ commitments, they need alternatives. High-energy, stress-relieving Les Mills virtual classes are available around the clock, and sit alongside instructor-led sessions to give a great workout for those time-poor members who can’t make the regular slots.

GroupEx is a great way to optimise your studio schedule and grow your club membership. Without the outlay of using instructor for every class, virtual becomes much more cost-effective and flexible than traditional clubs, so you can work around the needs of your members.
With FitboxVirtual®, it’s all possible.