The Virtual group exercise experience insight

The Virtual group exercise experience

The Virtual group exercise experience

Running virtual alongside live GroupEx classes proves an instant hit with gymgoers, who rate the programme’s variety, accessibility and simplicity.

Five reasons that gym users love virtual GroupEx classes 

Keeping your users happy is the number one priority of gym owners, and virtual GroupEx classes can be a simple and immediate way of offering more classes and more variety tailored to your customers.  There are many benefits of group exercise:

1. The flexibility suits members’ lives

Members love the flexibility that virtual classes give them compared with scheduled live classes. Not only can they exercise at a time convenient to them, but they can choose how long they spend exercising and work out at an intensity level that suits them. Stephanie Heath, Fitness Product Development Manager at Everyone Active Group, says, “FitboxVirtual® works as a convenient solution that fits around our members.”

2. Virtual confidence – for new members

Virtual GroupEx classes are a big pull for those new to exercise and can boost new memberships. Low ambient light levels make virtual classes far less intimidating than a live class is perceived to be, so members with less confidence can exercise without feeling under a spotlight and leave unnoticed if necessary.

Andy Logan, National Operations Manager of The Village-Hotel, comments, “Virtual is a great selling tool for our gym and has helped up increase our membership.”

3. Simple to use

FitboxVirtual®‘s Scheduler is dead simple to operate. The programmes are grouped by type, so it’s easy for your members to find a specific type of workout. All classes are arranged incrementally in levels from beginner to advanced, so finding your pace and working your way up or down through the levels is simple.

As Lydia Baines, General Manager, Blunsdon Fitness+, says, “FitboxVirtual® is great: it’s very easy to use and the team behind it are so supportive.”

4. A great way to try new classes

As more members choose group exercise, a broader choice of classes can be offered which keeps people joining up and returning. FitboxVirtual® stays ahead of trends adding new programme styles such as wellbeing and cycling so your members can access the workout they want, whether for body or mind.

As Daniel Carvell, Regional Fitness Manager at Everyone Active, says “FitboxVirtual® is a great sales and retention tool, offering more classes to more members.”

5. Happy customers

With all this choice, flexibility and variety, members can exercise how they choose, at a time that suits them. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal and FitboxVirtual® helps you achieve that.

Nate Garven, Virtual Product Manager at Les Mills International, points out, “FitboxVirtual® is a great technology partner for Les Mills Virtual. The platform is designed for successful virtual delivery for fitness clubs, hotels and spas.”


The benefits of group exercise are endless!