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Class Count from FitboxVirtual
Class Count from FitboxVirtual

The FitboxVirtual® CLASS COUNT is an optional imaging-based system that accurately tracks group exercise class participation.

Our tracking system works in tandem with the FitboxVirtual® class programme to efficiently log the number of people taking part in every single scheduled and on-demand virtual session you run.

The data CLASS COUNT gathers for you is invaluable. You can accurately monitor both virtual and live classes to pinpoint where you should invest in classes with virtual instructors and where it’s more economical to run live GroupEx sessions. It even helps you manage staffing levels and instructor commission based upon attendance, popularity and effectiveness.

Each studio CLASS COUNT capture unit is connected to the internet and installed above the studio doorway, configured to monitor the access area. As participants pass through the studio entrance, the unit counts and then reports back to our web-based system and database. Count data is also stored locally on the camera so it is never lost even when the network connection is down.

As standard, the CLASS COUNT solution overlays participation data over the FitboxVirtual® Scheduler’s weekly timetable via API integration to your centralised club management system, allowing class participation data to be overlaid over both your live and virtual class timetable schedules – providing a holistic view of your entire GroupEx offering.

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