How it works

How does the system work?

Are the videos streamed over the internet?


What equipment is provided?

What additional audio visual equipment is required?

Is there a warranty on the hardware?

What if I don't have the required audiovisual equipment?

Does the Player need to be switched on all the time?

Does the Player need to be authenticated to play content?

Scheduling website

How many classes can I schedule?

Can I schedule a class to run on a specific date?

Can I manage multiple studios from one log-in?

Can I manage multiple sites from one log-in?

Can I 'connect' it to my existing studio scheduling systems?

How can I tell what's being scheduled?

Do I need to install any software?

Which internet browser software is required?

Training & Support

What staff training is required?

What happens if it doesn't work?


How often are new virtual classes received?

Are older classes also available?